​College Avenue Church of Christ

 ​211 W College Street, Enterprise, Alabama 36330

(334) 347-8917

Churches of Christ

The churches of Christ are the result of a restoration movement that has made every effort to duplicate the form of worship as denoted in the Bible following the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.  The churches of Christ believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that our form of worship and lifestyle is derived directly from the scriptures in their entirety without addition or subtraction.  We believe that unless the scriptures have explicitly covered a topic we should not introduce it into our worship service of the Lord.  

 Churches of Christ are autonomous Christian congregations associated with one another through common beliefs and practices.  Each congregation believes that we serve God the Father through our obedience to his word and service to his kingdom.  That Jesus is the Son of God and our High Priest to God.  We as members are the kingdom of God, the bride of Christ, and a Holy Priesthood.  We as members enjoy a relationship with one another as a family.  We are brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers to one another.  Supporting each other in our daily lives.  Each church has special servants called Elders, Deacons, and Evangelist.   Elders address the congregational spiritual needs ensuring that members receive the spiritual support they need to continue their walk with Christ.  Deacons serve in special ministries to address the earthly needs of the Church and ensure that members physical needs are met.  Evangelist, also known as preachers or ministers, serve by preaching the word of God to the congregation and those that are lost. 

Church of Christ at College Ave


Larry Howell

Littleton Chatham

James Baker

Richie Bell

Hilton Galloway


Keith Ellis,
Pulpit Minister

Brett Thomas,
Associate/Youth Minister


Joey Holley
Marc Jennings
Dan Presley
Leon Reynolds